Now more than ever we need symbols to rally around that bring people together.  To that end I have designed a flag for the Upper Valley of Vermont  and New Hampshire.

The Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire is a very distinct community defined much more by the Connecticut River than any current political border. Residents in Fairlee and Norwich feel much closer to Orford and Hanover than they do to Montpelier and Burlington and conversely, Lyme and Plainfield residents feel closer to Thetford and Windsor than Concord or Portsmouth. No matter which side of the river people live on, residents of the Upper Valley live their lives in both states.

There is historical precedent here as well and at one point in the late 1770's, residents on both sides of the river banded together and talked about declaring their independence. Their idea was to create a separate state with its capital being Dresden (present day Hanover, home of Dartmouth College). 
That said, this is a non political symbol for everyone who lives in, or loves the upper valley of NH/VT.

Click on the other tabs and learn about the design and stop by the shop to find out where locally you can purchase flags and stickers, or buy directly here.

This is not one person's or one organization's flag.  It is everyone's flag who has love and/or pride for the Upper Valley of VT/NH.